Behavior Driven Emails

Achieve your business goals by automating your marketing efforts.

Control the whole process and tweak according to your needs.

And never ever leave your WordPress Dashboard!


Smart Workflows

Identify patterns. Each workflow has a meaning and can be easily customized.

Useful Statistics

Review incoming data, tweak workflows and actions to achieve different goals.


Own Your Data

Only you have access to your own data, as it is stored on your server.

Timely Emails

Emails are the best way to reach your users. Send them exactly when this is needed.

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We are still in the process of developing various parts of the Bemailr plugin for WordPress. The beta testing period will be launched soon and we will send further updates and instructions, so subscribe to get all the news among the first.

Experienced Team

Slava Abakumov

Slava Abakumov

Be good, have fun, create things.

Gregory Karpinsky

Gregory Karpinsky

Never stop learning.

Reach Us

We would love to get additional feedback from you.

Especially regarding workflows and which particular goals do you want to achieve by using email automation.

We have lots of plans & ideas, but your use cases may greatly affect our priorities, so don’t be shy!

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