Workflow Strategy on a whiteboard

Knowledge-Driven Actions

Achieve your business goals by automating your efforts.
Control the whole process and tweak according to your needs.
And never ever leave your WordPress Dashboard!

Smart Workflows

Identify patterns. Each workflow has a meaning and can be easily customized using own rules and actions.

Useful Statistics

Review incoming data, tweak workflows and actions to achieve different goals. Track the result of your changes.

Your Data is Yours

Only you have access to your own data, as it is stored on your server. Understand how and where it’s stored.

Behavior-Driven Emails

Emails are the best way to reach your users. Send them what’s needed exactly when it’s needed.

Multicolored Mixing Console, lots of knobs

Automation is not about losing control

It shouldn’t be hard, but flexible.
It shouldn’t be overwhelming, but focused.

All the options should allow you to fine-tune and tweak, and not lose your mind.

Person Pointing at Flowchart

Automation is about focusing on what matters most

Implement automation on your site to eliminate multiple time-consuming tasks from your day, giving yourself the freedom to focus more on activities that help your business.